Projects for the future...Nepal

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This is a muslim family of 5 daughters and one son who moved to Pokhara Nepal from Jaipur India to be with their father who set up him jewlery shop in the beautiful touristic lakeside town. Wahoe Commune has taken an interest in this family because of the father who owns a shop who we hope to colaborate with and sell handmade jewellery made in our women empowerment projects which we hope to set up. We are also very interested in his 3 daughters who are currently still living at home. Simran, the youngest is creative and incredibly talented at heena drawing. The eldest Baby, still living at home, was told by her teachers she could make a good teacher. At the time her father would not allow this but in the future we hope she will be able to become a teacher of a small class in her home in Pokhara as part of Wahoe Commune. It was a great pleasure for us to be able to meet this wonderful family.

We hope that if the project is successful in the future, Wahoe Commune will become even more self sufficient through the proceeds made from the home made jewellery.