Sarah Albert [ Live in China - Visited : September, 2017]

Having been to Himalaya areas already a couple of times, I was looking for an area which was knew to me and by studying the map I came across Himachal Pradesh - Parvati Pass - and got attracted. I searched for some time in the internet to find a professional agent who can support my trip - being a former hiking guide myself I am pretty picky on who I choose as partner. By luck I came across Wahoe and immediately was amazed by the organization and the background story - hiking with a social organization was also new to me and the responses from Gurvider, my main contact point, were good, fast as well as promising. I work also in the field of charity and to combine adventure and charity was a perfect match to me.

The trip lasted about 10 days and I enjoyed every second. In a nutshell - it was one of the best times I ever have had. I went to the mountains as my passion is all about mountains and I learned that the mountains in that areas are gorgeous - yet it is the people I meet across my hike who left the ever lasting impressions.

My guide, Mehar, is an outstanding personality and his spirit can be felt and seen - I was treated as a friend more than a client. Our two porters, at the beginning quite shy, opened up after some time and - even being a women travelling myself and not speaking the local language - could engage with them quite close which made the time even more meaningful as I could learn about the local culture, in regard to life, values, family, religions, festivals, customs and of course the food. I am a (half) vegetarian so I have certain food requests - and the team was responding to them more than 100 % - every meal was a feast for me.

All along the way I felt safe, nothing was done in a rush, everything was carefully planned and my needs were always given first priority.

When it was time to say good bye to those 3 guys who spent the trek with me I had quite strong emotions, on one hand I was absolutely thank full to them to support my adventure and I felt blessed to be given that chance for this experience - on the other hand saying good bye was full of pain as I just felt in love with that area, its people and - I think overall India .

I am back in China now, where I work and live and I have the best memories - I know they are unrepeatable and will last for a life time and I am already planning my next trip to the Himalayan mountains and hopefully Wahoe will be my partner again.

Sam Clarke [ New Zealand - Visited : June 2017]

"Rishikesh trip with Wahoe India Travel

From the morning that Surender came to meet me at dawn off the bus in Rishikesh, I knew he would make my experience a special one. It never felt like he was the guide and I was the tourist; rather we were two friends, exploring a city together. I was humbled to be given a window into his work, religion and way of life. My two days in Rishikesh remain two of the best days I spent in India, and they would not have been the same without Wahoe Charitable Tours.

With Surender, I was able to go up to Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, an important temple dedicated to one of the forms of Lord Shiva, and perform the same rituals that thousands of pilgrims around me were also doing. Being the only white face there, it was a surreal and incredibly interesting experience. He knew exactly where to go, and was flexible and understanding, tailoring the trip to suit my interests. We visited the Vashishtha Guha cave, bathed in an awesome waterfall, went to the evening aarti and had half a day in Haridwar. I also got to meet the children at Wahoe's slum school in Rishikesh, which was particularly interesting after teaching earlier in my trip at Wahoe's slum school in Delhi.

With the help of Wahoe Charitable Tours and particularly Surender, I got to explore Rishikesh on my own terms, but also with the perks of local knowledge. Above all, I made a caring, adventurous and fun friend - thank you Surender for an unforgettable cultural experience!"

Pauline Rodary [ France - Visited : November 2016]

During my 3 months in India

I felt in love with India.Two months after my return, I can say that this experience is the best of my life. And I am completely sincere. If you are ready to experiment a word completely different from the Occidental word, then do not hesite. Just listen this voice from your heart, and respect this voice. Leave your fears aside ! You are going to travel in the depth of what you are and Indians will make your heart more open than it was before. You are going to increase your vision of life, your report to this one.

Wahoe Commune and Wahoe Travel, are going to allow you to experiment the journey, or the voluntaring, family immersion,yoga, or others many projects for you and your aspirations. You will feel secure, Wahoe members are always here for you.I personaly experimented the journey with them, and family immersion gave me smiles like I never saw and some graces from womens. These womens marked me for life.

Thank you India, thank you for all theses womens from Wahoe, thank you to the staff, and thank to the most important children of India.

Valentine McPeren [ Belgium - Visited : June,July,August]

During my 3 months in India

I had discovered four cities through Wahoe Travel. They helped me to plan my trips to Rishikesh, Amristar, Shimla and Jaipur. It's really comfortable because Santan and the all team are experts and take care about everything for you! I thanks them for those amazing opporunities!

Mr. Alex Mullnner (From Austria - Visited : 01-02-2015)

Designation: Traveller "Authentic experience" Reviewed 23 February 2015

I was part of a 9 people Trip from Delhi over Rajasthan to Goa. As we first landed in Delhi everthing was already planed and Mehar and his driver picked us up at the airport. The rest of the journey went as smooth as the beginning. There was no extra fee during the Trip or any inconveniences at the already booked hotels. We also got a real insight of the slums in Delhi during a Slumwalk, which i can highly recommend!

All in All i would definitely book with Wahoe again!

Miss.Vivian MH ( From Austria - Visited : 01-02-2015 )

Designation: Traveller "Fantastic Expirience" Reviewed 2 March 2015

I was part of a 9 people Trip from Delhi over Rajasthan to Goa. As we first landed in Delhi everthing was already planed and Mehar and his driver picked us up at the airport. The rest of the journey went as smooth as the beginning. There was no extra fee during the Trip or any inconveniences at the already booked hotels. We also got a real insight of the slums in Delhi during a Slumwalk, which i can highly recommend!

All in All i would definitely book with Wahoe again!

Miss. Alice Thurr ( From Austria - Visited : 01-02-2015 )

Designation: Traveller "Great Organisation!"

We had a really good time with the whole Wahoe team. It was my very first trip to India and booking the tour with this organisation was definitely the best choice we could have made! We were a group of 9 people and booked a tour from Delhi through Rajasthan (Jaipur, Pushkar, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur,.). Mehar and Santan taught us so much about India, the culture, the people, the food and everything around. At the end I can say it was one great journey with so much fun and we made friends for life with the Wahoe team. Thanks for everything!

Miss. Klaudija Bosnjakovina ( From Austria - Visited : 01-02-2015 )

Designation: Traveller "Incredible Journey"

It was my first time in beautiful India and and it was an amazing trip I'll never forget. My friends and I did a Rajasthan-Tour for two weeks and we experienced so much that I still need time to comprehend. We were everday in a different city. It should have been stressfull, but I've never felt once uncomfortable. It was certainly all because of Wahoe India Travel. Not only did I learn a lot of the indian culture, but I also made some new friends there. Mehar and his team took really good care of us.

I highly recommend the slum walk in Dehli, which was very impressive and left an impact on me.

Thank you Wahoe India Travels for the opportunity of getting a good insight of India!

Alex - Traveller - [ Austria]

Beautyful India - Golden Triangle
When i arrived at Delhi airport my friends Marco and Mehar were allready waitung for me. It was my first time in India and i was really excited and curious to explore a new country. Marco and I booked the Golden Triangle Tour by Wahoe India Travel. In the night before the tour started we had some chai at one of the rooftop restaurants near main bazar and Mehar gave us some instructions and details about the tour. In the next morning our driver Manu picked us up from our hotel. Manu is a wonderful person with very good driving skills and an delightful sense of humor. So we had a very good time together. Like the three musketeers we were heading to Jaipur and travelling throug India by a driver was the right desicion.

Manu brought us to a lot of amazing palaces and forts and we had a very good hotel with hot shower and ac. On our way to Agra Manu mentioned that on our way is some kind of national park or bird sanctury which was also really amazing! We saw thousends of differend birds and other animals like turtles and a python!In Agra Manu showed us arround and Marco and I had some good coffee in the coffee shop right next to our hotel which was also a nice place for the stay. In the next morning we went to see Taj Mahal which is a must see if you are going to do the golden triangle tour - such impressive! We had a wonderful time in India an

Marco Sidereal Mathera - Traveller - [ Austria]

I went to India last february for one month. It was not my first time, but still i contacted mehar because i wanted to see my friend again! on my first trip he was the first local we met and he helped us A LOT in getting used to the indian way of life :) besides that he gave us the possibility to live with his family for a week in the beautiful mountains of himachal pradesh! it was such an amazing experience! a homestay like that is the best way to get to know the indian culture and to experience the lifestyle of the himachali people! his friendly family hosted us for a week and provided us everything we needed (including AWESOME food!!

this time, me and my friend alex, booked the golden triangle tour through wahoe travels. on the last evening before the trip started, we met mehar to have some chai and to get all the details about our tour. it was really good to see my friend again! he gave us all the details and explained us everything. in the next morning his driver picked us up from our hotel. his name was manu and he was such a nice guy with a really good sense of humor and very good english (and more important: .. driving-) skills! it was really comfortable to cruise through india with our own driver compared to cramped trains or busses! first we stopped in jaipur, where we had a really good hotel with hot showers, ac and everything you need! manu showed us some really interesting spots in the city and had really good stories to tell about his life and his experiences! on the next day we went to agra.on the way manu suggested to make a stop at a national park.. i forgot the name, but they will know it! it was awesome! more like a birdsancuary, but still wonderful and the perfect possibility to relax from the ride!

in agra we checked-in the hotel, which again was really good (including a decent coffee shop in the ground floor). in the evening manu showed us around, and we had some more coffee :) taj mahal on the next morning was awesome! just awesome! i was really impressed, like my friend alex! thats definitely something you shouldnt miss on your india trip! we were both really satisfied with the tour! i defenitely recommend wahoe travels! if there are any questions contact me! :)

Mela - Traveller - [ France ]

If you are considering travelling anywhere in India then I highly recommend going with Wahoe India Travel. There's so much to see and learn and India so having a guide is a must. And the best guide in ALL of India is Mehar Singh. You will never meet a more wonderful and caring guide than Mehar. He is an excellent guide and very knowledgeable. You will also have a friend for a lifetime when you travel with Mehar. He is like a brother to me and I cannot wait until I return back to India. If you need any more information or references, please feel free to contact me! Their prices are reasonable. And remember, the company you are with can make a big difference in your travels!!! :)

Janine Virgilia Telsnig - Traveller - [ Austria ]

I spent five weeks in India and experienced many places...Mehar Singh organized the beginning of my incredible Travel..we did a Tour to Agra and Jaipur and he gave me also a good contact for my trip to Pushkar. He is a very nice and helpful Men and i would everybody recommend this Travel Agency. Also woman travelling alone will feel very comfortable by travelling with Mehar. Thank you guy! Wish you all the best for you, your future and your business! Nice greetings, Janine

Christophe Boulaire - Traveller - [ France ]

Wahoe Travel (Especially Mehar) organize for us a trip in Rajasthan. The organisation was very professional, we were 8 peolple with 3 children. We are very happy to travel with them.They were present all along our trip and it's very important for us .The hotel is nice too.Thank you Sonu Guest House and Mehar (Wahoe travel)

Tom - Traveller - [ USA ]

Tom Traveller USA
Mehar really helped to make my trip in India an amazing experience. He helped arrange an epic tour of Northern India that included six cities in three weeks. India can be a tough and intimidating place for a solo traveler, but Mehar and his guides and home stay connections helped me feel comfortable and welcome. I saw the Himalayas, the Taj, the palaces of Rajasthan, learned a lot about the culture and ate delicious street food without getting sick. His tour company is a pretty special thing, and I enjoyed meeting everyone hanging out at Wahoe. Mehar, thanks again for helping me get settled in Delhi, and helping me arrange for an amazing experience of India. I hope to come back someday and see more of the country some day. Also, a big shout out to Vicky for being such a great guide and friend. Many good memories and I hope to stay in touch my crazy cop friend. Best wishes for the future.

Katy Vincent-Spall - England, November 2013

Tom Traveller USA
I spent a thoroughly enjoyable three weeks volunteering with Wahoe Commune in November, 2013. I spent my mornings helping to develop the commune's online presence at their office in the main bazaar and my afternoons teaching English (and occasionally other subjects) to the wonderful and enthusiastic children who attend the Baljeet Nagar slum school. At the weekends, Wahoe India Travel, the Commune's travel agency, arranged trips for me to visit Agra, Rishikesh and Haridwar - all funds from theses excursions are, of course, fed back into the Commune's projects. For these trips, I was driven by the Commune's chatty and knowledgeable driver, Manoj, who offered great company and support.

In Delhi, I stayed in the volunteer apartment in AnandPrabaat with Mehar and Mamta. The apartment has a great view overlooking the city, but its best features are its hosts. Mehar went through every step of my experience in Delhi with me, from planning my volunteer work and looking out for my day-to-day safety in the city, to helping with my travel arrangements and showing me around. He was a great help, always supportive and friendly. I shared a room with Mamta, a fantastic and accommodating hostess - she is a superb cook, enthusiastic, kind and chatty.

I was looked after just as well outside of the apartment, there was always someone to help. Chamanoften helped me getting around and finding my way; he is a particularly helpful and supportive guide and is also dedicated and enthusiastic regarding the communes yoga programmes.Preeti helped me to get to grips with teaching, which was quite new to me under these circumstances. She is an excellent teacher and knows the best ways to help the children to learn;I would definitely recommend seeking her advice to anyone who hasplans to helpat the school!

I shared the children and lessons with Bharti, who is also a wonderful teacher. Her job is not easy! Teaching the two small classroomsfull of keen children, each of different abilities with different interests, while gratifying, is both demanding and exhausting.She knows the children well and has great hopes for them in the future.She is also a dedicated student herself and appreciates the help volunteers can offer her with her English.

Wahoe, as an organisation, are open to new ideas and are always seeking to develop and improve their programmes. They are grateful for the input and insight that volunteers can offer in addition to their efforts filling their volunteer roles. To use myself as an example, at the Baljeet Nagar slum in Delhi I helped with the very beginning stages of a women's empowerment programme.At the school, I helped to place the children into groups based on their ability - to better target their academic needs and to encourage them to work together. The organisation are extremely grateful for any contribution that can benefit their social programmes. The money donated to and generated by the Commune is channelled into the development of communities in need. The Commune always hopes to raise money to go towards stationary for the children. Over the winter period of 2013, the Commune hopes to raise money to purchase sewing machines that women in the slum can use to make clothes to be sold. The Commune's principles are based on education and empowerment in a way that aids and encourages the self-development of those in poverty, in the hope that this will eventually enable individuals, families and communities to comfortably support themselves. This path and goal has the potential to produce long term positive change through gradual support, which I think is far more valuable than the temporary alleviation of someof poverty's symptoms (something often achieved by direct financial donations). It is for this reason that the help and support of volunteers is so valuable to the Commune and to the communities that they support.

I cannot recommend working with this organisation enough - to do so provides countless positive outcomes for everyone involved. Time spent with them will prove enlightening, inspiring, and if you give the position the attention and effort it deserves, exhausting, enjoyable and rewarding.